There is no better time than now for solar:

    • Prices for equipment and installation are very low today
    • The 30 percent federal tax credit is available until 2016
    • 50 percent first-year bonus depreciation allowances available until end of 2013
    • Local rebates and incentives are still available in many markets, but will expire
    • Immediate savings through lower electricity rates

Benefits of Solar Power:

Save on Energy Expenses

SPG Solar customers see immediate savings and reduced operating costs. With today’s relatively low cost of solar, innovative financing methods, and the attractive incentives available, businesses are seeing substantial savings from solar, allowing them to free up money to put toward their primary business objectives.

SPG Solar can show customers how this is all possible with a free site evaluation. Using a specific location and incentive structure, SPG Solar designs a customized system, walking customers through the economics so they can decide for themselves.

SPG Solar recently helped one county offset 100 percent of their electricity with solar. They were able to achieve this without any upfront capital and are not responsible for production or maintenance. Learn more about the County of Sonoma and how they are saving $1.4 million.

Offset Peak Load Times

Electricity prices vary with the season and time of day. Peak load electricity – for example, the power that consumers draw on during the middle of a hot summer day – costs more than the average rate of electricity. The advantage of solar power is that peak load times coincide with peak hours of sunshine. Solar power systems offset these peak load times driving greater savings.

Hedge Against Rising Electricity Costs

With solar power, customers are able to predict and ensure consistent reliable energy costs for years into the future without relying on fluctuating energy prices from the open market. Solar is a reliable asset that removes uncertainty and allows for better budget planning.

Low Maintenance

Solar power systems are reliable and require minimal maintenance, delivering stable returns for 25-plus years.

Marketing Advantage

In today’s competitive environment, businesses that go solar have a competitive advantage and can showcase their sustainable brand.