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Solar Energy Costs Continue To Fall in the U.S.

Solar energy costs continue to fall at a healthy clip, making now the right time to go solar
The U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) released a report which finds that the cost of installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems fell 6-14% in the U.S. in 2012, and another 10-15% in the first… Read more.

Solar Energy Industry Doing Its Part to Fight Climate Change

Obama climate change plan calls for investment in renewable energy – solar
Regardless of your stance on climate change, one thing that’s not up for debate is the fact that it’s become a hot button issue. Environmentalists have hounded President Barack Obama for not addressing this topic sooner, but yesterday, Obama silenced those critics by… Read more.

California Earns ‘Golden State’ Title, With Focused Efforts on Solar Energy

The demand for clean, renewable and affordable energy continues to increase rapidly. California continues to rise among the leading states in the country that have adopted a strong advocacy for renewable energy, particularly in solar.
According to a recent report from the California Independent System Operator, solar energy will account for the majority of… Read more.

Maximizing ROI with a Solar Tracker

Solar developers, financiers and businesses find themselves under ever-increasing pressure to obtain an economic model to maximize a solar project’s return on investment (ROI). This pressure stems from a rise in demand for solar which has largely been attributed to the decreasing costs in installation and maintenance coupled with increasing energy efficiency. With energy rates… Read more.

Death Valley Resort Charged by the Sun

Xanterra Parks & Resort


Since 2008, we have been partners with Xanterra Parks & Resort – the National park and resort concessioner. Their Furnace Creek Resort in Death Valley Calif. was an early adopter of solar and our SunSeeker single axis tracking system.
The business case for solar was pretty clear, even five years ago. As Andrew Todd,… Read more.

The Rise of Solar PV Pricing

We’ve been saying it for quite some time now: The time for going solar is today.
Solar is helping businesses lower current operating costs and deliver more predictable energy costs for the next 30 years. Given that significant increases in electricity rates are predicted over the next decade, now is the time to take advantage… Read more.

County of Sonoma Dedicates Solar Power System

The County of Sonoma and SPG Solar dedicate one of the first municipal zero-net electricity campuses in California. Hear from Sam Ruark, Energy & Sustainability Coordinator at County of Sonoma, and learn how the County went solar without any upfront capital costs and have no responsibilities around production or maintenance.
The Los Guilicos campus, home… Read more.

First of 10MWs of Solar Tracker Installed

SPG Solar to Complete 10 Megawatts of All Weather SunSeeker® Tracker Projects in Second Half of 2012
The All Weather SunSeeker Tracker installation goes live in the City of Williams. This initial project is estimated to save $1.4 million in energy costs.
The system utilizes SPG Solar’s latest-generation All Weather SunSeeker tracker, a single-axis offering… Read more.

Community Solar Gardens Sprouting in Mass.

SPG Solar is developing regional solar energy plants to help municipalities go solar in Massachusetts and save on energy costs by utilizing an innovative program called Virtual Net Metering.
In an age where group purchasing has been made viral by companies like Groupon and LivingSocial, so has the mechanism of Virtual Net Metering. It’s like… Read more.

Making Solar Power Easy for Municipalities

With municipalities facing tight budgets, limited personnel and renewable energy mandates, solar power becomes an even more essential energy solution that can be implemented with no upfront capital requirements. Through the use of a power purchase agreement (PPA), municipalities across the country can add solar to their facilities without any capital outlay and any risk… Read more.