1 megawatt
solar power system

1,645 tons
of CO2 offset

savings annually

Campos Brothers is a leading grower, processor and manufacturer of California Almonds. Running the entire harvest management process, from almond hulling and processing, Campos Brothers was looking to lower their operating costs and invest in a long term profit center.


A 1 megawatt solar tracker, which follows the sun through the course of the day, is helping Campos Brothers better manage their operating costs and allowing them to provide their customers a sustainable product. Campos Brothers is well versed in the best technologies, with one of the finest natural almond processors in the world. They felt that the SunSeeker solar tracker was a high quality product with a long operating life.


A solar power system that is saving Campos Brothers over $220,000 annually and continuing their leadership in having best-in-class technologies.

“This project was a great opportunity for us to leverage our engineering skills by utilizing our SunSeeker solar tracking system to produce the most solar energy per acre.”Dylan Dupre, SPG Solar

Solar Power Generation

The solar tracking system produces over 2 million kilowatt hours (kWh) yearly, equivalent to powering 184 average American homes annually and providing energy during peak hours of the day, when electricity loads and prices are at their highest.


  • Lower operating costs
  • Long term hedge against rising electricity costs
  • Profit center passed to the next generation
  • Offsets 1,645 tons of carbon dioxide annually
  • Equivalent to removing 290 cars from our congested roads yearly