282 kilowatt
solar power system

No upfront costs
financed through a PPA

$1.4 Million
savings over 20 years

The City of Williams was looking for a way to lower their energy costs at their wastewater treatment plant, provide a hedge against rising electricity rates and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The 282 kW DC solar power system will provide a long-term energy solution, saving Williams $1.4 million over the next 20 years.


SPG Solar made this an affordable solution to the district by arranging a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and producing more solar power with the SunSeeker tracker. The City is not responsible for production or maintenance; instead they will confidently be purchasing clean, reliable energy for the next 20 years.


A solar power system that required no upfront capital and will generate millions in savings.

“It was a real partnership with SPG Solar. Rather than them trying to up-size us to maximize their profits – which we had seen by other firms – SPG Solar was fair in sizing and designing a system that fit our needs.”Rex Greenbaum, Finance Officer for the City of Williams

Solar Power Generation

The solar tracking system produces over 522,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) yearly, equivalent to powering 47 average American homes annually and providing energy during peak hours of the day, when electricity loads and prices are at their highest.


  • Lower operating costs
  • Provides more predictable budget forecasts to allow for better planning
  • An asset that will generates clean energy for generations to come
  • Offsets 406 tons of carbon dioxide annually
  • Equivalent to removing 77 cars from our congested roads yearly