403 kilowatt
solar power system

No upfront costs
financed through a PPA

savings over 20 years

The North Marin Water District (NMWD) was looking for a way to lower their energy costs, lock in to predictable electricity rates, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


SPG Solar designed and installed a ground mounted solar power system to maximize generation with no upfront capital costs to the NMWD. SPG Solar made this an aff¬ordable solution to the district by arranging a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and utilizing incentives from PG&E. The system is built on a slope of 30 degrees. With this steep grade, SPG Solar leveraged past experience and state of the art 3D modeling to design the right system for this unique terrain. It is one of the steeper PV installations built-to-date.


The solar power system is lowering electricity costs used to power Stafford Lake Water Treatment Plant, which provides up to 20 percent of Novato’s drinking water.

“The facility not only insures that electric rates to power the Stafford Lake water treatment plant will be a predictable known quantity in the future, but long-term our costs will be reduced and 270 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions will be avoided annually. All of this with no up-front capital outlay to the district, which is music to all of our ears.”Chris DeGabriele
General Manager, North Marin Water District

Solar Power Generation

The solar power system produces over 650,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) yearly, equivalent to powering 60 average American homes annually and providing energy during peak hours of the day, when electricity loads and prices are at their highest.


  • Reduces annual operating expenses at Stafford Lake Water Treatment Plant
  • Provides more predictable budget forecasts to allow for better planning
  • Local green jobs generated
  • Offsets 506 tons of carbon dioxide annually
  • Equivalent to removing 90 cars from our congested roads yearly