977 kilowatt
solar power system

electricity needs

$2 Million
savings over 20 years

Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) strives to be forward thinking and take a leadership role in sustainability efforts. Solar made economic sense, not only because of the sunny San Diego region but as a solution to levelize energy costs. By having a more predictable budget forecasts, the school can plan for the future and continue providing an innovative campus for students.


SPG Solar collaborated with the students and faculty to develop a solar power system that spans 11 different locations on the campus.

  • Phase 1, installed in 2008, included 4 rooftop systems, providing 357 kilowatts of power and converting 65% of the connected buildings energy to solar power.

After the success of these systems, PLNU engaged SPG Solar to nearly double the size.

  • In 2011, SPG Solar designed and constructed 7 more systems (2 rooftops and 5 solar carports), enabling 35% of the buildings energy needs to be met by solar.


PLNU has won awards for its sustainable design and renewable energy achievements. PLNU is saving on energy costs and engaging the student body with this hands on, renewable energy learning tool.

“SPG Solar made the solar installation process very easy. They were willing to work with us to overcome financial and technical hurdles.”Richard Schult
Point Loma Nazarene University

Solar Power Generation

The solar power systems produces over 1.5 million kilowatt hours (kWh) yearly, equivalent to powering 135 average American homes annually and providing energy during peak hours of the day, when electricity loads and prices are at their highest.


  • Lower operating costs at the campus
  • Engagement of the student body – The project was strongly influenced by PLNU students, who as a part of a class project, participated in the RFP and selection process.
  • Offsets 870 tons of carbon dioxide annually
  • Equivalent to removing 148 cars from our congested roads yearly