1.2 megawatt
solar power system

electricity needs

1,708 tons
of CO2 offset

National park and resort concessioner Xanterra Parks & Resorts has become known as an industry leader in sustainable operations. Installing a solar power system in the sun drenched region of Death Valley National Park not only made economic sense but showcased their environmental stewardship. Going solar provided an opportunity to surpass guest expectations and achieve energy savings.


SPG Solar designed and installed a customized elevated solar tracking system at Death Valley National Park. The system spans 4 acres and produces more solar energy with SPG Solar’s SunSeeker single axis tracker following the sun through the course of the day.


The solar tracking system achieves financial savings, lower greenhouse gas emissions and generates one-third of the total annual electricity needs of Xanterra’s operations in Death Valley, including the historic Furnace Creek Inn,¬†Furnace Creek Ranch, Furnace Creek Golf Course, employee offices and housing.

“From planning, through construction, to being on line, working with SPG Solar has been a really positive experience.”Joel Southall, Director of Environmental Health and Safety Xanterra Parks and Resorts, Death Valley National Park

Solar Power Generation

The solar tracking system produces over 2 million kilowatt hours (kWh) yearly, equivalent to powering 200 average American homes annually and providing energy during peak hours of the day, when electricity loads and prices are at their highest.


  • Lower operating costs at the Resort
  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Offsets 1,708 tons of carbon dioxide annually
  • Equivalent to removing 323 cars from our congested roads yearly