Experienced Solar Partner

SPG Solar takes customers through the entire solar project lifecycle, from custom design and installation to service & warranty. By keeping the solar development process in house, SPG Solar creates efficiencies and passes along the savings to our customers.

The result: SPG Solar delivers the highest quality systems – built on time, on budget and with the greatest financial returns.


SPG Solar’s high-performance solar PV systems lower our customers operating costs and improve their bottom line. By evaluating electricity usage, utility-rates, incentives, site layout, financing options and overall business goals, SPG Solar delivers customized solar power solutions.

As one of the most experienced solar teams in the industry, SPG Solar designs each system to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness. By building the most comprehensive, accurate, and optimized proposals, SPG Solar's systems meet or outperform on their expected production. By delivering on our commitments our customers meet their expected payback period and receive the greatest total savings on their energy costs.

Steve Maddox and Stephen Jr. of Maddox Dairy benefit from their optimized solar tracking system, covering roughly four acres.
True Leaf Farms Plant Manager, Randy Sypolt, maximized his solar footprint with a combo rooftop and ground mount solar power system.

Design & Engineer

SPG Solar’s engineers are experts at designing cost-effective solar PV systems for the roof, ground, or carport. With a team focused on maximum efficiency, our customers attain the highest return on investment.

With extensive experience on each application, SPG Solar designs and engineers systems to ensure the highest level of quality and durability, while optimizing the space for the greatest kilowatt hour production.


SPG Solar's finance team delivers solutions that meet our customers' needs, reduce cost, lower risk and shorten time to closing. SPG Solar's power purchase agreement (PPA) has become one of the most popular financing vehicles, allowing customers to go solar with no upfront capital costs.

SPG Solar's structured finance team works with customers to provide the right solar financing solution. Through a multi-million dollar fund with a leading bank, 100% of SPG Solar’s projects get financed. SPG Solar’s longstanding knowledge in the industry means that customers’ projects are executed smoothly and on time.

The Curti family of Curtimade Dairy views their solar installation as the simplest income stream that they can pass to the next generation.
Chuck Brown, Director of Safety, Security & Facility at US Foods, validates SPG Solar’s high quality workmanship and speed of install.

Site Prep & Install

Committed to quality and excellence, SPG Solar ensures that our customers solar power systems are flawlessly installed and perform to expected output. A testament of our work is validated by our many repeat customers.

With more than a decade of installing 1,500+ systems and over 100 megawatts, SPG Solar has a proven track record of installing solar power systems in all terrains with minimal-to-no interruption to business operations. Every SPG Solar system is designed for long-term reliability and built with the highest quality standards.

Operations & Maintenance

With over a decade of maintaining and monitoring systems, SPG Solar’s service team proactively protects and maximizes our customers’ solar investment.

We optimize solar production and ensure your system runs at peak performance with a 99.5-percent system uptime rating. SPG Solar’s Operations & Maintenance (O&M) division has over a decade of experience providing preventative maintenance and the highest quality service.

The County of Sonoma activated their solar power system and looks forward to their $1.4 million in savings.

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