What is the right financing for you?

SPG Solar Financing Advantage

SPG Solar strives to make it as easy as possible to finance solar and provide our customers maximum value. Through a multi-million dollar fund with a leading bank, 100% of SPG Solar’s projects get financed on time. SPG Solar covers transaction services end-to-end, from quote to funding commitment, to construction financing and asset management services. By keeping financing in-house, we are able to reduce costs, lowers risks, and shorten the time to closing. SPG Solar works with each customer to select the right financing option.

Commercial Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Under the PPA, SPG Solar installs, owns, operates, and maintains the solar power system providing a risk-free energy investment. Customers only pay for the electricity produced and used, with savings growing over time as utility rates continue to rise.

    • No Upfront Capital Requirements. Clients only pay for electricity as it is produced.
    • No owner risks. SPG Solar designs, installs, operates and maintains the system, guaranteeing performance.
    • Positive cash flows. Operating costs are reduced from Day One.
    • Predictable energy prices. Facilitate benefit from improved planning and budgeting.
    • Hedge against rising utility rates. With increasingly volatile energy markets, PPA’s offer long-term certainty.
    • Well-defined exit options. Customers have the choice of purchasing the system or having it removed free of charge by SPG Solar.

Lease Options

With fixed monthly payments customers’ know exactly how much to budget for the solar power system. At the end of the lease term (typically 10 years), the customer owns the solar facility.

Cash Purchase

When feasible, purchasing a solar powered system outright can yield the highest return on investment.