“SPG Solar technicians are very adept at isolating and repairing all systems. They perform the services in a professional and efficient manner, going beyond the scope of services we specify to identify problems before they occur.”Bryan Banke, Director, SPP Asset Management Service

At SPG Solar we know that a solar power system is a long-term investment. By installing high quality solar power systems, SPG Solar’s projects reach or exceed the expected solar energy output, require minimal maintenance and deliver the greatest savings.

To ensure top performance for decades to come, SPG Solar’s dedicated service team is focused on providing preventative maintenance and maximizing solar returns.

Unmatched Service

  • SPG Solar’s monitoring software allows customers to easily gain insight into the production of their solar power system.
  • Certified electricians and C10 contractors are available to analyze, alert, troubleshoot and provide preventative maintenance.
  • Full-time monitoring team diagnoses and proactively responds to alerts.
  • SPG Solar conducts annual system checks to ensure the system is running at the optimal level of performance.