“It was a real partnership with SPG Solar. Rather than them trying to upsize us to maximize their profits – which we had seen by other firms – SPG Solar was fair in sizing and designing a system that fit our needs.”Rex Greenbaum, Finance Officer for the City of Williams

As one of the most experienced solar teams in the industry, SPG Solar designs each system to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness. By building the most comprehensive, accurate, and optimized proposals, SPG Solar’s systems meet or outperform on their expected production. By delivering on our commitments, our customers meet their expected payback period and receive the greatest total savings on their energy costs.

Initial Steps for Solar Success

1. Placement and design for the most energy per square foot

Initial site assessment takes into account all site-specific constraints to design an optimized solar power system that utilizes the latest solar technologies.

2. Accurately size a system to match energy consumption

SPG Solar sizes a system that provides the greatest financial returns for our customers by analyzing 12 months of utility bills and time of energy use.

3. Determine the right financing vehicle

SPG Solar helps customers evaluate cash, lease, or power purchase agreement (PPA) financing options and leverage various incentives:

  • 30% federal investment tax credits
  • 50% first-year bonus depreciation allowances
  • State incentives
  • Renewable energy credits
  • Local rebate options
  • Other programs