SPG Solar has designed all components to allow for a highly efficient installation process. With pre-assembled components and hardware, install timelines improve, providing more efficient staging and faster install.

Motor Assembly & Controller

A 3 horsepower motor that drives up to 700 kilowatt-peak (kWp) and a controller that maximizes production

By maximizing the kWp per motor, maintenance hours are reduced. The motor and gearbox arrive pre-assembled and are shipped to site in one piece. Each motor assembly comes with a controller, GPS unit, anemometer, and inclinometer.

Proprietary Controller Maximizes Energy Production

  • Geography and time-based algorithm ensures the optimum angle of module presentation
  • Remotely programmable tracking parameters
  • Open architecture for SCADA interface

Driveline Assembly

Pre-assembled and efficiently slides into place

  • The driveline comes pre-assembled and is lifted into place, minimizing installation time
  • No in-field welding required. The system bolts together
  • Maintenance-free PTFE bearings and nylatron roller

Cradle Assembly

Faster install of cradles and damper, providing quick scalability

  • Cradle comes pre-assembled with hardware attached, shortening install time
  • Designed with sufficient adjustment to accommodate typical installation tolerances of piles
  • 45 degree locking stow strategy (patent pending)
  • All Dacromet® finished or galvanized hardware
  • Bi-directional damper

Rotational Support Tubes

Two rotational support tubes design reduces number of foundations

  • 30% fewer foundations required, compared to competitive products
  • Swaged tube splice connection for faster install
  • Galvanized steel

Panel Pack

Set of three panels pre-assembled offsite

  • A panel pack is a set of three panels (configurable to most framed modules) pre-assembled allowing for faster installation and minimized labor costs
  • The panels are riveted to a galvanized steel Z purlin. There are no clips required
  • By stacking three panels in landscape, 30 percent fewer posts are required compared to competitive trackers
  • Each row has up to 34 panel packs, or 102 solar panels