SPG Solar is setting the standard and raising the bar for single-axis trackers in the solar power industry. The rigorous engineering disciplines underpinning the SunSeeker tracker establish a new standard for cost effective, high-performing solar tracking solutions. SPG Solar designs and engineers for the highest level of quality, reliability and durability.

Engineering Excellence

In-house Product Engineering

SPG Solar managed the entire development of the SunSeeker tracker from drawings, document control, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), prototype development to the entire structural and mechanical engineering process. SPG Solar has owned the entire process and documented every engineering discipline, providing customers confidence in design and performance.

Approved by 3rd Party Engineers

All engineering reviewed by third-party structural, mechanical and corrosion engineers. All moving parts, as well as parts and finish requirements, were evaluated and validated.

Comprehensive and Rigorous Testing

  • Extensive wind tunnel testing to ensure product durability and the lowest cost solution. The SunSeeker tracker is configurable to withstand wind speeds up to 155 mph.
  • Testing of casted components for wind loads of up to 155 mph.
  • Full scale cycle testing to 50-plus years of tracking.

Complete Design and Engineering Package

Optimized & Customized Layout

  • SPG offers clients either standard block layouts or complete site layout.
  • To maximize customers’ PV plant design efficiency, the SunSeeker tracker is configurable to any module types and number of modules, allowing the DC stringing to be simpler and faster, while still accounting for wind and snow loads.

Stamped Drawings & Calculations

  • Engineering analysis tool that incorporates wind-tunnel results, code requirements and product specifications to help streamline the design/engineering phase of every project.
  • SPG Solar’s engineering group can provide either foundation loads or full foundation designs, reviewed and stamped by a third-party engineering firm licensed in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.
  • Product drawings reviewed and approved by third-party engineering firms.

Responsive Turnaround

  • 48-hour typical turnaround time for engineering on approved designs.