The single axis SunSeeker® tracker precisely follows the sun from sunrise to sunset, with a plus-or-minus 45-degree range of motion, and actuates the most kilowatt power per motor of any single axis tracker on the market.

It is a simple push/pull system that moves the solar panels east to west. One primary driveline, and wings extended to either side, allows for quick installation and easy scalability of the arrays. The SunSeeker tracker is powered by a 3 horsepower motor that can push/pull up to 700 kilowatt peak (kWp). Shade avoidance, or backtracking, maximizes solar-power production in the early morning and late afternoon, when there is the most sun to utilize.


  • 3 modules in landscape
  • +45° to -45° Tracking Range
  • Up to 700 kWp per motor
  • 0.33 to 0.60 ground cover ratio
  • 30% fewer posts per MW than competitive products
  • Configurable up to 155 mph wind speed
  • Approved: CE Mark, UL, ASTM
  • 5 year parts and material limited product warranty, with extended warranties available



Designed, tested and proven to endure all weather conditions, from the tops of the Sierra Nevadas to the depths of Death Valley.

Streamlined Design

Efficient design and layout parameters that can easily be scaled to meet any projects needs from 200kW to 200MWs. The SunSeeker design uses less land, concrete, steel, cabling and wiring than other solar trackers on the market.

Quality Manufacturing

The SunSeeker tracker is manufactured with quality materials that perform in all environments and helps generate a lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE) compared to other single axis trackers on the market.

Rapid Installation

Pre-assembled components, fewer foundations and no field welding, reduces labor costs and allows for full scalability.

Minimal Maintenance

Built-to-last with the fewest moving parts, corrosion-resistant steel and minimal required maintenance. Less maintenance requirements with fewer motors per MW than any other single axis tracker.